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What do you show ?

The concept

Visual communication techniques are constantly evolving, marketing masters are always looking for new type of media to meet their needs in terms of commercial and therefore financial results.


But often at the expense of other factors such as energy consumption through the use of heavy electronic equipment whose maintenance and obsolescence is sometimes heavier than the acquisition itself.

NETVIEW was imagined to get around that.


So that your innovative visual communication thus desired can allow you to use your large glass surfaces by opacifying in a dynamic way without losing their primary function, the contribution of natural light.


This site does not explain everything, it is concise to leave each project a unique side while protecting the planet.

Dynamic PDLC glazing

The PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals) film is based on digital shading technology that allows the opacity of the film to go from non-transparent to transparent when you apply a current through it.

The dynamic support
How it works
The tools

NETVIEW server is the core of the concept. It can synchronise the content of medias output with the commands of the dynamic films placed on your glasses.


Is a powerful and intuitive blending and warping tool that allows to assemble two or more images to form one.

Laser beamers

The beamers features a long-lasting DuraCore laser light source with low maintenance. The fact that it is without lamp and without filter, significantly reduces operating costs for a low total cost of ownership.

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And the result
Day mode
Night mode
The concept
The support
The tools
The result
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